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Global Steps Offer world leading Composite / graphic technology.


Product Overview

Global Steps offer world leading composite / graphic technology. Global Steps specializes in the development, procurement and installation of unique composite adhesives films for innovative applications.
Global Steps is comprised of unique, custom developed, industrial films that can withstand the toughest conditions including:

• Durability to moisture, temperature fluctuations and more
• Oil and Machine Durability – Global Steps’ ink will never bleed even under the harshest conditions.
• No adhesive residue leftover upon removal
• Professional high quality printing
• High durability – Global Steps’s step app. in indoor conditions more than 1 month with positive results.

Step Medya Features
Heavy duty film is tougher against the harshest and most extreme impact caused by machine, vandalism,...


StepMedia ® Anti-static – properties to repel dust and dirt Pressure-activated – strong bonding power yet easily can be cleaned and removed. Easy to install; It can be applied in a few hours. Mono-Block film that can last at least a month under producer’s guaranty. Patented product solely produced and applied by Global Steps Heavy …